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Contactless Check-In Kiosk

It's time to elevate your members' experience when checking in.

Introducing Contactless Check-In

Save Time

Check Members In Faster

Contactless Check-In helps your business by automating the check-in process, allowing members to check into their classes with our advanced system, 100% touchless, without waiting in line.

Empower Staff

Advanced Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging

Our advanced system uses facial recognition and thermal imaging to check them in. Infrared technology will take and log their temperature, 100% touchless, allowing for zero human physical contact.

Check-In Kiosk

Check-In your members in just a few seconds.

Subsync Contactless Check-In was created to help your business automate the Check-In process and eliminate long lines for checking members into their classes.


Members scan their face at the kiosk

Our contactless check-in allows your members to enter the building, walk up to a kiosk, and in seconds, the kiosk will identify the member with our state of the art facial recognition system.


Their temperature is scanned

Our advanced infrared technology will take and log the temperature, 100% touchless. If there is a high temperature, the system will redirect the member to the front desk.


The member is checked-in to their class

It is an easy, safe and touchless solution that will offer guests the convenience, assurance and peace of mind, checking in to the studio with minimal human physical contact and interaction.

Contactless Check-In allows you and your staff to adapt to Covid conscious practices


Subsync's kiosk is a user friendly, easy, safe and touchless solution that will offer guests the convenience to check-in to their class automatically once their face is scanned.


Our state of the art facial recognition system and infrared system elevate your studios' technology and brings the future of member check-ins to your studio.


Contactless Check-In also allows you and your staff to adapt to Covid conscious practices and helps navigate your studio as we move past this pandemic and into our new reality of studio operating expectations.


Your members can walk into the studio, scan their face at the kiosk and be automatically checked into their class in a matter of seconds, allowing you to check in dozens of members in a couple of minutes.

Contactless Check-In Kiosk at front desk

How easy is it to use Contactless Check-In?

Well, you register for Subsync and your account is created in minutes by syncing to Mindbody. We ship you the kiosk - ready to plug in. You connect to the WiFi, and your members can start checking in!

  • Unlimited Check-Ins
  • Custom Branded Kiosks and Accounts
  • Cost-Effective $0.15 per Check-In

Should Be Effortless...

Let us show you how.

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